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T.Top+ kit is composed by two revolutionary water-based products: it extends the life of wood and restores the original brightness of the coating. The results of the treatment with T.Top+ are immediate and astonishing: the application of neutral Detergent T.Clean and Brightener T.Top+ has a healing action as it repairs the micro cracks invisible to the naked eye, and restores the protective film.

The double use is a feature that makes T.Top+ a unique product. It restores the original brightness of wood, glass, PVC and aluminum. Furthermore, T.Top+ reduces the maintenance efforts on every coated object. Detergent T.Clean and Brightener T.Top+ are easy to apply. You can spray them on the surfaces during the ordinary cleaning of the door/window and spread them by means of microfiber cloths included in the kit. If the doors and windows are protected by the special coatings of Renner Italia, the maintenance with T.Top+ gets even more results, extending the life of the door/ window beyond expectations. Choosing coatings of Aquaris, Top Quality, and Top Quality2 ranges, means demanding the best, concerning aesthetics and durability.

Application method

It is enough to apply T.Clean and T.Top+ at least twice a year, preferably late spring and autumn. The result is immediate: the coating will regain immediately tone and brightness. Due to their special formulas T.Clean and T.Top+ can settle also on the glass surface. The products are easily removable by means of microfiber cloths included in the kit and don’t leave spots.

  • Spray Detergent T.Clean on the surface
  • Dry the product with the cloth included in the kit
  • Spray Brightener T.Top+
  • Spread the product homogeneously by means of the cloth included in the kit

What NOT to use for cleaning

For the cleaning of coatings it is NOT recommended the use of the following products because they can permanently damage the coating film:

  • commercial detergents usually on the market for the cleaning of house surfaces (e.g. all-purpose degreasers, etc.);
  • chemical solvents (e.g. alcohol, acetone, trichloroethylene, etc.);
  • chemical aggressive substances in general (e.g. bleach, ammonia, etc.).

Product Specification

Additional information

Weight 32 oz
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 6 in
Product Name

Renner Italia Maintenance Kit

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