Water-Based Primers
As Project Is Only As Good As Its Foundation and There's
No Better Foundation Than Renner Italia™ Water-Based Primer

Renner Italia™ Water-Based Primer

YI—M083/–C02 Renner Refinish Primer 1K

YI---M083/--C02 Renner Refinish Primer 1K


The Renner Italia™ Water-Based YI—M083/–C02 Renner Refinish Primer 1K is a premium, water-based primer product that’s affordable and great for both residential and commercial projects. This water-based primer is extremely durable, long-lasting and mildew resistant when proper application and maintenance over time.

If you want to get the job done right the first time with stunning results, then choose the Renner Italia™ Water-Based YI—M083/–C02 Renner Refinish Primer 1K for your next project.

  • For all kinds of wood and MDF
  • Adhesion prime for refinishing and general purpose
  • High coverage properties

Product Safety & Restrictions

This water-based primer product is extremely-safe to use with no known use or shipment restrictions thanks to its water-based formulation. For more information related to this products safety and use please send us an email [email protected]


Product Specifications

YI—M083/–C02 Renner Refinish Primer 1K

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ISO 9001-2015 ISO 14001-2015

Available Sizes

Five Gallon Bucket, One Gallon Can



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California Proposition 65

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Riverside, CA & Houston, TX


Renner Italia

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Made In Italy

Renner Italia™ Water-Based Primer

The Leading Water-Based Primer

If you’re looking for a premium, water-base primer that gives you the results you expect every time, then your answer is the leading water-base primer by Renner Italia, a pioneer in the research, development and manufacturing of premium paint and coating products.

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