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As a division of MK Sales™, WaterBasedFinish.com is a fully-authorized and certified distributor of premium Renner™ Coating products. For the first time, people who do not wish to make large wholesale purchases can now access the premium Renner™ brand and its line of coating products at affordable prices online.


Please review the information provided below to learn more about the exclusive distributorship we have with Renner Italia™ and why we stand by and recommend the Renner™ as much as anyone in the industry.

About Renner Italia™

Renner Italia™ has over 50 years of experience, study and commitment to the development of products and processes to embellish, protect and maintain wood surfaces. Renner’s current R&D and manufacturing facilities are located in Italy, Brazil, USA, Mexico, and Chile.


Renner Italia™ produces the most reliable, modern and technologically advanced wood coatings. But this is not enough for Renner.


Their paints are principally-formulated according to ethical principles. There is an idea of ​​the world inside a can of Renner™ paint. Renner is particularly interested in the growth of people, in the honesty of opinions and behavior and in the sense of responsibility.

Renner Italia™ takes part in the deployment that does not just create value for the Renner™ brand, but struggles to distribute value to people and the environment.

Renner’s values and goals are continuous technical innovation, highest production standards, commitment to environmental conservation, and social responsibility.

All Renner™ water-based products have zero or low V.O.C. which meets AQMD requirements.


Water-based products that are currently available include stains, coatings, and polyurethane.

Renner Italia™ is also part of the Renner Herrmann SA group. Almost a century after its founding, Renner Herrmann™ has international dimensions and diversified industrial interests. The first brick of Renner Herrmann SA was laid in Brazil, in Porto Alegre, a place that still houses its headquarters. In the beginning the activities focused exclusively on the formulation and production of paints. A sector, the latter, which, almost a century later, is still the main source of turnover for the group.


Today, Renner Herrmann SA boasts credibility and solidity in very different segments.

With 10 industrial plants located in 6 countries and channel distribution partners present in 65 countries, the Renner Herrmann SA family of companies stand out not only for the undeniable quality of their products, but also for their ecological sustainability.

Our Exclusive Distributorship With Renner Italia™

MK Sales™ has been an official distributor or authorized reseller of Renner Italia™ products since 1999.


Today, through hard work and dedication to the Renner Italia™ brand, MK Sales™ has grown ten fold and is the #1 distributor of Renner Italia™ products in North America.


Based in Riverside, California, MK Sales™ distributes a wide-range of clients from furniture makers to industrial substrate finishers. MK Sales™ also works with a network of industry-leading experts to provide a one-of-a-kind, nationwide training class and experience with the Renner Italia™ line of coating products. Our management team also visits the Renner Italia headquarters in Italy on a regular basis.


Additionally, since we are located in Southern California where the stringent requirements of air quality management have fueled the demand to seek out high performance water based products, which is why we’ve specifically chosen to distribute the leading line of premium Renner Italia™ products.


If you are located in the Southern California area, you can place your order and have it delivered the same day in most cases (during regular business hours) if placing a wholesale order. We operate a fleet of delivery trucks and vans and run regular delivery routes to our customers located throughout the Southern California area.


You also have the option to pick your order up at our distribution facility located in Riverside, California. For orders placed online, orders will be delivered via the delivery method provided and selected during checkout.

If you area located in the greater Houston Metropolitan area you can also pick your order up at our distribution center located near the 610 and 290 area, close to the Galleria.

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