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Since 1999, we’ve expanded our product line and offerings which has led to us serving new and exciting markets each and every year.

Today, we now serve a wide-range of markets and provide our customers in the industrial, commercial and consumer segments with leading coating products on a daily basis.

Our clients represent some of the largest, most respected brands in the world and our products are the #1 choice when it comes to premium wood coatings.

Markets We Serve

MK Sales™, along with its affiliates and divisions including WaterBasedFinish.com, is proud to serve the following markets and related submarkets:

  • ○ Furniture Makers
  • ○ Substrate Finishers
  • ○ Contractors
  • ○ Home Builders
  • ○ Cabinet Makers
  • ○ Retail Consumers
  • ○ Specialty Hardware Stores
  • ○ Resellers & Distributors

If your market is not listed above and you are in need of premium wood coatings, no problem. We’re happy to serve any market that is in need of the premium wood coating products we distribute.

If you would like to purchase any of the Renner™ products we currently offer, please review the information below and see which purchasing option is best for you.

We offer quick and convenient ordering online with available bulk discounts and wholesale accounts that provide professionals with more options purchasing our products.

Ordering Online

If you would like to purchase less than 100 gallons per order, please place your order via our online store.

If you are in a commercial line of business in which you anticipate making additional, recurring purchases, please review the information below on the benefits of our wholesale accounts and how you can apply.

Apply For Wholesale Account

Are you in a commercial line of business and would like to offer our products to your customers? If so, apply for a wholesale account so you can take advantage of our special wholesale pricing.

Wholesale account holders also take advantage of the additional payment and shipping methods available to them. If you want to offer your customers the premium Renner line of coating products and/or use them in your own commercial projects, click here to apply for a wholesale account. The application is fast and should not take more than a few minutes.

Question? Contact Us Today!

Do you have a questions about one of the products we offer? Or do you have a question regarding bulk pricing and/or applying for a wholesale account? Interested in seeing if any of our products would be a good fit for one of your projects? No matter your questions, we are more than happy to answer it.

Click here to contact us with any questions or comments that you have and we will be sure to address it. We look forward to hearing from you.

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