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WaterBasedFinish.com, a division of MK Sales™, was founded by Marco and Katerina Buffetti in order to address the need of retail access for premium Renner™ products.


Now, for the first time, customers across North America can order premium Renner™ products online and have them delivered to their home, business or job site with little to no hassle at all. Simply choose a product, select your options, and checkout. You’ll receive your premium Renner™ products within 5-7 business days depending on shipping locations.


At WaterBasedFinish.com, you can now order from a source you can trust, the #1 distributor of Renner™ products in North America.

Company History

In 1999 Marco Buffetti made the decision to move from his home in Italy to Southern California.


After a few years selling industrial paint application equipment Marco decided to bring one of the biggest Italian brands to the USA. So in 2002 Marco and his wife Katerina started MK Sales™ with the intention of reselling Renner™ Coating Products to contacts he developed while working in the wood industry.


Marco leased a 1,000 sq. ft. warehouse imported a variety of Renner™ products and began selling the premium Renner™ line of coating products.

After 20 years MK Sales™  has grown ten fold  and the company moved into an expansive 10,000 sq. ft. distribution facility in Riverside, CA. MK Sales™ is currently the #1 distributor of Renner™ products in North America and with the addition of the WaterBasedFinish.com website is the most trusted source for Renner™ products online in the USA.

In 2016  MK Sales™ continued to grow and expanded by opening a second distribution facility in Houston, Texas. With the addition of this second distribution facility MK Sales™ will be able to provide strategic logistical options to its clients nationwide.

Not only will transit times be reduced in most cases the additional space provided within our second distribution facility allows us to provide even more premium Renner products to our product list and client base.

“We proudly provide what we knew since the beginning to be one of the best line of coatings products in the market and for over 20 years we have represented Renner™ and its line of premium products with enthusiasm through MK Sales™ and now thru WaterBasedFinish.com.”

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