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Leading Distributor of Premium Coatings

WaterBasedFinish.com is the leading online source of premium Renner™ Wood Coatings in the USA.  Since 2003, we’ve become one of the largest distributors of Renner™ products in the world.

From water-based paint and primer to water-based topcoat, sealer, stain and glaze, no company does water-based coating like Renner Italia™ and Water Based Finish™. 

Renner™: Unmatched Quality

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About Water Based Finish™

WaterBasedFinish.com is a division of MK Sales™ and is an exclusive distributor of the premium line of Renner™ coating products.

Based in Riverside, CA, we’re the largest distributor of Renner™ finishing products in North America and the only place where you can place an order online.

After 20+ years, we’ve become one of the largest distributor of Renner™ Coating Products in the World. We’re also one of only a few places where you can purchase Renner™ product online.

We have over 12.000 tried and tested interior and exterior formulas to treat, protect and enhance a wide range of industries such as furniture, nautical craft, airplane interiors, musical instruments, wood flooring, kitchen cabinets, windows and doors, wood shutters, interior and exterior architectural millwork and much more.

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Learn about the history and background of WaterBasedFinish.com, a division of MK Sales™

WaterBasedFinish.com is one of the largest distributors of Renner™ products in the world

We serve a wide-variety of markets, ranging from mill-working to cabinet shops

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